December 2, 2023

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Southwest Airlines is investing in a sustainable aviation fuel pilot program

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Southwest Airlines declared this week that it is investing in SAFFiRE Renewables as portion of a Department of Electricity (DOE)-backed venture to create and make scalable, sustainable aviation gas.

The pilot

SAFFIRE is a company formed by D3MAX. The two are centered in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Here’s what D3MAX does:

In 2021, the DOE awarded D3MAX the only pilot-scale grant for sustainable aviation fuel generation, with a purpose of eventual commercialization. The NREL thinks that this could make significant portions of cost-aggressive sustainable aviation gas that could give an 84% reduction in carbon intensity in contrast to traditional jet gasoline on a lifetime cycle foundation.  

SAFFiRE is an acronym for Sustainable Aviation Gasoline From Renewable Ethanol. The business, which was formed this year, takes advantage of technologies made by the DOE’s National Renewable Power Laboratory (NREL) to convert waste biomass like corn stover – the leaves, stalks, and cobs of maize plants left in excess of after harvest – into renewable ethanol that will then be upgraded into sustainable aviation fuel. Corn stover is commonly out there in the United States.

SAFFIRE is funded with a DOE grant that Southwest Airlines is matching, and that cash supports section 1 of the job, which is expected to include technological know-how validation, preliminary design and style, and a company system for a sustainable aviation gas pilot plant.

Going ahead

If the initially period is productive, DOE and Southwest will be able to fund a next stage for the layout, fabrication, installation, and operation of a pilot plant that provides renewable ethanol using know-how made by D3MAX and NREL.

In the second phase, Deerfield, Illinois-based sustainable fuels technologies enterprise LanzaJet is envisioned to upgrade renewable ethanol into sustainable aviation fuel at its biorefinery, which is at present under building in Soperton, Ga.

SAFFIRE’s CEO states that if it is prosperous in acquiring and commercializing the sustainable aviation gasoline, the organization initiatives that its engineering can generate 7.5 billion gallons for each yr by 2040.

US Deputy Secretary of Energy David Turk said:

The Section of Electricity is fully commited to turning our ambitious aviation decarbonization ambitions into realities by means of solid partnerships across the airline business.

Moving slicing-edge technological know-how innovations in sustainable aviation to creation scale will preserve cash, lower carbon emissions, and reshape the future of the airline travel for the reward of American customers.

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