November 30, 2023

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New lightning records reveal nature’s power and technology’s advances

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Lightning strikes behind cactus at the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch in Gilbert as a storm hits the Valley on July 10, 2021.

The two lightning data confirmed by Globe Meteorological Group previous week sent shockwaves throughout the science group and lifted the bar for what is actually to be predicted as checking technology improves. 

The records ended up for length and period. The length record was established April 29 of last 12 months with a megaflash that stretched 477 miles from Mississippi to Texas and across the northern tip of the Gulf of Mexico.

The duration report, set June 18 of last yr, was for a megaflash that lasted 17.1 seconds, eclipsing the prior title holder, which was 16.7 seconds, by a fraction of a next. It transpired in the La Plata Basin in South The united states.

Both equally occurred in lightning hot spots, according to experts, areas that often see megaflash functions, which are distinct from regular lightning by their sheer dimension. 

The World Meteorological Organization has confirmed two new records for lightning.

Though their measurements are impressive, what is a lot more critical, scientists say, is that far-reaching and extended storms these kinds of as these illustrate the possible dangers and risks of megaflash storms.  Alternatively than just strikes that strike a single specific space, these flashes can stretch vast distances and pose critical dangers to folks, even if they aren’t straight beneath the lightning.

“I think the seriously critical, normal general public element of this is what this usually means in conditions of lightning protection,” stated Randall S. Cerveny, a professor of geographical sciences at Arizona Condition University and rapporteur on serious information for the United Nations Environment Meteorological Firm. “It actually emphasizes the actuality that lightning can hit areas much away from the place it originates.” 

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