December 6, 2023

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Can an operating system be transferred from one PC to another?

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Q: For a lot more than 6 a long time now, I’ve been operating an HP Pavillion employing two 500 GB SSD drives. I do a month-to-month picture backup to an exterior reliable-state drive. Everything’s been performing wonderful, but I want to be well prepared for a failure that will call for relocating on to a new Computer system at any time.

I like to have an thought of what I’ll need to do in advance of this occasion, so I’ll be much more cozy being aware of what to do when the inescapable takes place. Will it be attainable to transfer my current running process to a new Personal computer, with all the things intact, or will I require to start from “scratch.”

Jim Locatelli

A: By “image backup” I’m assuming you signify a “system impression.” A Windows procedure picture is an specific copy of the procedure partition or the total tough travel, like the functioning technique, and any installed applications and info information. Every thing will be configured as it was when you upload the program picture.

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Making a method impression is good if your laptop satisfies with a recoverable calamity. But if you want to install the method impression to a new laptop or computer it’s a lot extra intricate. In temporary, you require make that procedure graphic on an external travel, as you have performed, that you can go to the new laptop or computer. Then you will need to acquire computer software to make the new laptop or computer bootable and in a position to obtain your external push and copy the procedure impression.

What is additional, when you invest in a laptop with the Windows operating technique already put in, the license is normally tied to that components. I wouldn’t count on it performing if it’s put in on a diverse pc.

My approach for laptop catastrophe is to start with to make confident all my information is backed up to a product that is not in the similar place as the computer system. If you back again up to an exterior travel, keep it somewhere else so that it won’t be damaged by a hearth or flood that may possibly just take out your computer. With that in head, I have my knowledge data files automatically backing up to cloud storage.

If you never want to reinstall your systems and your aged computer is however usable you can obtain a transfer system these kinds of as LapLink’s PCmover ($39.95).

Q: I read through your reaction to a reader’s concern exactly where you make incredibly temporary reference to iPad facts, which stunned me. I have been a Mac user from the commencing of its existence. I’m an “old-timer” in my mid-80s and I am normally trying to hold up with laptop or computer technology, which is a dropping struggle. I commonly skip looking through your column because I considered you only explore the competition. Am I mistaken?

Phil Relnick, Woodinville

A: For the previous various several years, I’ve answered tech issues throughout operating units — Home windows, iOS, OSX, Android and even on situation Linux. I suspect, on the other hand, that not that many persons are mindful of this since the huge bulk of inquiries I get are about Home windows and Android.

So, question absent. If I don’t know the respond to I’ll do what I can to come across it.

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