December 6, 2023

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Opsydia Technology Advances to Secure Identity of Melee Diamonds

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(Push Launch) Primary diamond stability specialist, Opsydia, has honed its sub-floor laser technological know-how to this sort of an extent that it can now place lasting identifiers in melee diamonds devoid of affecting their floor polish.

Diamonds that are just .5 millimetres in diameter can have an alphanumeric sequence, coded shape or emblem put beneath their area to develop a bodily connection to a source chain history or branded jewellery origin.

This is seen as an vital improvement for volume companies, who could be looking for a exclusive and ahead-pondering methodology to safe their source chain and shield in opposition to undisclosed synthetics.

Opsydia Main Executive Officer, Andrew Rimmer, suggests: “With this engineering, the pure diamond trade has more possibilities to secure the identity of its solutions and use sub-surface area capabilities to develop ‘fail safes’ inside its supply chain. Equally, luxury jewellery brand names wishing to struggle back from counterfeiting may well wish to include an identifier in a unique pavé diamond and guarantee their clients that only parts with this nano-scale identification aspect are respectable.”

The exact capabilities of the Opsydia Process permit for substantial-resolution traces, close to ~1um (.001mm) in width, that means legible figures can be obtained at a lot lesser measurements in comparison to marketplace-conventional surface marking programs. Opsydia has directed this technological development toward supporting the trade by collaborating with the All-natural Diamond Council (NDC) on the most current period of its Assure Diamond Verification initiative. The Guarantee Software 2., which assesses the relative general performance of Diamond Verification Devices offered on the market, utilises an ‘ASSURE Sample’ of melee stones (which include particular person stones of less than 1mm in size) to exam each individual machine on its usefulness at determining and/or recognising natural diamonds, laboratory-grown diamonds and diamond simulants.

To support brands, Opsydia has positioned exceptional serial numbers beneath the surface of all stones in the Assure Sample, hence permitting the creators of Assure Analyzed Diamond Verification Instruments to discover which stones their equipment mis-recognized. This important details, which will be accessible to makers, will permit engineers to strengthen the success of their diamond detection devices and will, as a outcome, profit the trade as it fights for accurate disclosure.


Raluca Anghel, Head of Exterior Affairs and Field Relations at the Pure Diamond Council, says: “We are pleased to collaborate with Opsydia on this most up-to-date period of the Guarantee System as we price their ongoing motivation to innovation. Getting equipped to properly recognize melee diamonds, laboratory-developed diamonds and diamond simulants will allow the Assure prograto give higher responses to companies and will add in direction of further mastering, specialized development and above all, guarantee customer safety.”

Andrew Rimmer adds: “It has been a privilege to assistance the Purely natural Diamond Council on the following wave of its Assure Tests System. This has been an possibility to display the benefits of Opsydia technology in a worthwhile task that positive aspects the whole offer chain.”

The same melee stone as above photographed at 50x magnification using a grading microscope. Note the three-character identifier in the centre of the table.

The similar melee stone as above photographed at 50x magnification using a grading microscope. Notice the 3-character identifier in the centre of the table.

The Opsydia Method takes advantage of a significant-precision, ultrafast laser to area logos, alphanumeric sequences or coded shapes (known as identifiers) beneath the floor of a diamond. This laser is tightly focused only the moment it passes the surface of a diamond, hence only creating the identifier at a chosen depth with out affecting the surface affliction or polish. It can be utilized beneath the area of a diamond in a range of areas, these kinds of as the desk or a precise facet.

By adapting its strategies to match melee and more substantial diamonds, Opsydia is introducing the all-natural diamond sector to a exceptional methodology for addressing its core problems, these types of as improving stone stability, setting up daring traceability initiatives and guarding against fraud, nondisclosure and other counterfeiting issues.

The Opsydia Procedure (approx. just one metre wide and common doorway accessible) is centered on cutting edge laser technology designed at the University of Oxford. It can location distinctive identification functions in diamonds and is capable of processing 50,000 to 100,000 stones for each 12 months in an industrial atmosphere. Encryption strategies ensure that each individual Opsydia system can only create authorised logos or identifiers protecting against counterfeiting and defending manufacturer integrity.


Opsydia technology is deployable throughout the globe and can be utilised by purely natural diamond and laboratory grown diamond experts.

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